Singer, songwriter, and storyteller Eric Bannan's latest CD ‘You Are Welcome Here’ is #15 on the folk charts. He's our special guest this Wednesday at The Kraken, a little roadhouse outside Chapel Hill, North Carolina where my band plays every Wednesday from 7-10pm. I talk to Eric about finding faith, a community, and a home for his music. You can find out more about Eric, and find his music at

Several fantastic artists come up in our conversation:

Donna Washington. Donna is an award winning storyteller, spoken word recording artist, and author. As Eric says, "She's made of awesome."

Wyatt Easterling. Wyatt is a prolific North Carolina songwriter with a history in Nashville as a hit-writer and publisher.

David LaMotte. Peace activist, songwriter, author. David's book “Worldchanging 101” is a how-to book that could be called "How To Change the World for Dummies." Tools you can use and ideas that keep the hope machine running.

Billy Jonas. Performer, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and educator.

Janis Ian. Do I really need to tell you who Janis Ian is?

Thanks for listening. Your fan,