This week, my son Rowan asked if we could talk about my song Wild Ponies, which we used in the first podcast. We listen to an early demo version of the song and break down the lyrics, which I'll share below.

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Wild Ponies

She had legs like daggers and eyes like oceans
and her heart locked up in a hard combination.
I took her to the island, to see the wild ponies.

See, I had a friend who had a concrete boat, -
it don't take as much as you might think to float-
and he lived out on the island with the wild ponies.

We made a fire in the live oak trees,
and listened to the pirate breeze blowing.
And wondered how a man could be
so far from home, and still know where he's going.

She drifted down from a shipwrecked town
and landed here on the Pamlico sound.
She'd heard out on the islands, there were wild ponies.

I gave all I could give to her:
a chance to see what she had heard
and a night out on the island with the wild ponies.

But she didn't stay here, like she didn't stay there,
always looking for somewhere a little greener.
Every time I see the ponies run-
scared and hungry, wild and young- I see her.

I heard somebody say she died
drinking one night on the ocean side,
swimming to freedom, like a wild pony.

I wish her well. I wish her peace.
It's got to be lonely to be so free,
always running, like a wild pony,
living your life like a wild pony.


Wild Ponies is on an album called Cackalack, available from the store.

Your fan,


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