In our first ever Byrd Word podcast, I read a poem to my son that was partially inspired by our bedtime reading and conversations. He has a lot to say about it.

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The links mentioned in the podcast are:

1) You've Changed, my first book of poetry, which can be found here:

2) the fantastic and imaginative photography of National Geographic Award-winner Rodney Bursiel, which can be found here:

3) my song, Wild Ponies, from the album Cackalack. I recommend ordering the CD, which includes lyrics and a beautiful design by John Dixon; available here:

You can listen to the song and download the album in the format of your choice, including full-quality WAVs, here:

While you're on Bandcamp, you can browse my entire catalog including live shows and out-of-print records, and even order my life's work - 18 albums! - for $79.99.

You can read the poem 'rapid I movement' at Thanks to for featuring me this week.

Thanks so much for listening. See you next week. Your fan,



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