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The Barn Birds  |  2013

A collaboration between veteran North Carolina Americana songsmith/guitarist Jonathan Byrd and Northwest singer/fiddler/guitarist Chris Kokesh, known for her work with Misty River. Jonathan Byrd has toured extensively in Southeast, Texas, Midwest, and Canada. More Info »

  1. We Used to be Birds
  2. Hazel Eyes
  3. One Night at a Time
  4. In the Light of Day
  5. Paint the Town Blue
  6. Maureen
  7. Close Enough to Touch
  8. Desert Rose
  9. It's Too Late to Call it a Night
  10. Sundays Loving You
  11. Lay Your Hands on the Highway

Bonus Tracks:
- Autumn
- Do You Smell Something Burning?

Cackalack  |  2011

Having recently made WFMT Midnight Special host Rich Warren's "50 Most Significant Songwriters of the Past 50 Years", a list which includes giants like Bob Dylan, John Prine, and Joni Mitchell, Jonathan approaches his work on Cackalack with the most ordinary of materials: Chicken wire. Concrete. Roofing tacks. He takes us to real, everyday places. The Outer Banks, where wild ponies still run. Rockwell, where Byrd sings a song to his father's ashes. And 95 South, a great river of humanity that brings us rolling back south from a hard tour. More Info »

  1. Chicken Wire
  2. Wild Ponies
  3. I Was an Oak Tree
  4. Reckon I Did
  5. New Moon Rise
  6. Dungarees Overalls
  7. Father's Day
  8. White Oak Wood
  9. Scuppernong
  10. Cackalack!

The Law and the Lonesome  |  2008

A stalwart of modern folk music, Jonathan constantly evolves in new musical directions and each incarnation has proven to be masterful. The Law and the Lonesome brings together the best of his southern roots and the increasingly strong influence of Texas. Full of desperate people and their dark familiars- crows, coyotes, and sudden storms- The Law and the Lonesome has an epic feel. More Info »

  1. The Law and the Lonesome
  2. Clean
  3. Diana Jones
  4. Houston Window Blues
  5. The Fifth Wheel
  6. Prairie Girl
  7. May the River Run Dry
  8. Coyote
  9. Soldier's Lullaby
  10. Galveston

This is the New That  |  2007

Jonathan Byrd delivers a convincing and thrilling rock and roll album, full of ace songwriting and musicianship. It's distinctly Southern in feeling, full of character and characters crossing paths and swords in a world pierced through with incomprehensible forces. The ever-evolving Byrd mentions as influences, Bob Dylan, Anais Mitchell, The Beatles & Merle Haggard. More Info »

  1. The Cocaine Kid
  2. Colleen
  3. Jesus was a Bootlegger
  4. Hank
  5. Sexy Jessie
  6. Austin Women
  7. The Cold & Hungry Night
  8. Learn to Rock 'n' Roll
  9. Amelia, My Dream
  10. I Want You
  11. The Bishop & The Ghost of the Nazarene
  12. Jacks

The Sea & The Sky  |  2004

"The Sea and the Sky is a suite of music that travels across a vast emotional landscape. Conceived, written, and produced by North Carolina's Jonathan Byrd, this acoustic epic features the multi-instrumental artistry of the world-music duo Dromedary. More Info »

  1. True Companion
  2. The Young Slaver
  3. I've Been Stolen
  4. Gold Coast
  5. I'm So Lost
  6. Verdigris intro
  7. Verdigris
  8. Little Bird
  9. The New World
  10. The River Girl
  11. The Sea and the Sky
  12. For You

The Waitress  |  2002

" discovery of the year. Byrd is right up there with the best of them with a twist and turn of phrase, a facile use of language and the ability to tell a story straight into your heart. This is an unforgettable CD." -Rich Warren, WFMT More Info »

  1. The Waitress
  2. The Ballad of Larry
  3. Radio
  4. The Snake Song
  5. Down the Old Mountain Road
  6. My Generation
  7. Small Town
  8. Tape Full of Love Songs
  9. Stackalee
  10. Home Sweet Home
  11. Being With You
  12. Fiddle and Bow
  13. Rosie

Wildflowers  |  2001

Jonathan's career started with a contest. In the year 2000, Byrd took grand prize in the North Carolina Songwriter's Coop Song contest in his hometown of Carrboro, NC. Inspired, he began to tour and recorded his first CD, Wildflowers. With spare production, these lyrical tales of love and death made a surprising impact. Folk legend Tom Paxton discovered Byrd's music online: "What a treat to hear someone so deeply rooted in tradition, yet growing in his own beautiful way." More Info »

  1. Wildflowers
  2. Eli's Cotton Gin
  3. Velma
  4. Lady's Fancy
  5. Sandy Mush
  6. Golden Glow of Autumn
  7. Tinytown
  8. Ashe County Fair
  9. Bean an Fhir Rua/Backstep Cindy
  10. The Sparrow
  11. Mama
  12. Molly Dear
  13. Big Hoedown
  14. The Cider Song
  15. Her Eyes Were Green
  16. Robena
“With just himself and Chris Bartos, Jonathan Byrd has crafted a potent canvas as searing as Neil Young's stripped down masterpieces but with a touch of the laid back Eagles and the timbre one hears in the more haunting runs of a Chris Darrow or Ry Cooder.”
Mark S. Tucker // Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
“Byrd continues to inspire awe... Rock and roll hasn't spoken with such integration and grounded perspective for many years indeed.”
Randy Auxier // WDBX Carbondale, IL
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