I don't care if everybody in the world is suddenly paying attention to politics in North Carolina. What I care about is if North Carolinians are paying attention. If it's finally caught your eye, then keep looking.

Look at how they've blocked health care access for the poorest people in the state. Follow the dismantling of environmental protections for our renowned natural beauty. Inspect their fingerprints on the ruins of our public education system.

They're not even conservatives. Conservatives believe in the power of individuals and local governments to control their own destiny. These are interventionists of the highest degree. Worse, they're obscurantists, using the misplaced fear and anger of their constituency to take us back to the same fictional history as the presidential candidate whom they endorse, when America was somehow greater than now. Was that 1970- the year I was born- when it was still illegal in North Carolina for couples of different colors to marry each other? Was that the great time? Or was it when thousands of our men and women died or came home amputated from their families and drug addicted from unjustified wars? Or was it when polio was so rampant that even the president was crippled by it?

What's so scary about the future, North Carolina? It's much less frightening than the past. Mayberry was black and white. The modern world is in a rainbow of colors.

Because it's already the future.

Welcome to it.

In 1988, I was a country bumpkin living in a log cabin in the woods of western Orange County. A girlfriend of mine took me to a club in Durham called The Power Company for the Miss North Carolina drag competition. I came home thinking 1) it takes a lot of courage to be different and 2) there's a place for everybody. Now I'm thinking, do we no longer have the courage to accept our own children? Do all the different people have to leave North Carolina to find their place?

When you alienate people you alienate the people who love them. You alienate the people who believe in love. And that's a lot of people. I still believe that's most North Carolinians.

If we don't start moving forward, we're going to lose business. We're going to lose tourism. We're going to lose respect. We're going to lose our real heritage as one of the most tolerant and forward-thinking states in the south. Eight thousand North Carolina soldiers fought for the Union.
We're not alone. It's happening in Georgia. Missouri. All over the south this thinking is rearing its tail-eating head. Are we going to defend some mythical southern honor to the ugly end again? Remember how that ended last time?

South Carolina took down the rebel flag. It's time for North Carolina to raise the rainbow.