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We're #1! And #2. What a world.

I woke up this morning, after the first leg of The Barn Birds' CD release tour, to find we are #1 AND #2 on folk radio. TOP SONGS OF AUGUST 2013 Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists

1. "We Used To Be Birds" by Jonathan Byrd & Chris Kokesh from "The Barn Birds" 2. "One Night At A Time" by Jonathan Byrd & Chris Kokesh from "The Barn Birds"

Folk DJs are the last real DJs. They are mostly volunteers, spending hours of their week listening, planning, and hosting only because they're the biggest music fans on the planet. They listen to the whole record and play what they like. They don't play what they don't like, no matter how much money or hype is behind a record.

Thank you to our excellent radio promoter, Erik Balkey of Hudson Harding Music. Thank you to the folk DJs for getting behind The Barn Birds. Thank you to our fans for making requests and tuning in. "We're not in the music industry. We're in the music community." - Mitch Podolak