I'm writing songs to record in Denmark with a Danish band, The Sentimentals. I'm also writing a check for $20 for Hope Station in Wilson, NC. Ain't much money, but it matters and I told a fan I'd deliver it. The total we've collected from ticket sales and donations this month is $1042, going to homeless shelters and food banks local to the shows we played. We have three more shows this month- Morganton, Knoxville, and Johnson City- before I fly to Denmark. I don't have a gig this weekend. I was wondering whether or not to share the song I wrote yesterday. I mean, who cares, really? There are more than enough songs on the internet. But what if it did something? What if somebody pushed a button and it made a difference?

I recorded it. It's called "I'm Going To Change The World." Click on the link to buy it for a dollar. Or more. You can definitely pay more.

You just changed the world. I redirected my bandcamp payments. The money will fly like a digital arrow to Urban Ministries in Raleigh, NC. I'll be able to track it and of course I'll let y'all know how we do. In fact, not just this track but ALL Jonathan Byrd bandcamp purchases will go directly to Urban Ministries until I come back from Denmark. Urban Ministries feeds, shelters, and counsels Wake County's homeless: http://www.urbanmin.org/how-help/

Share! Share! Share!

"Being a warrior does not mean being forceful or powerful. Being a warrior means being committed." -Sommer Sobin