This is what happened in the United States since we last spoke. 99% of the people got mad at the other 1%. Then, 53% of the people got mad at the 99% for picking on the 1%, to which the 1% said, "Thanks for standing by me, my good friend. What did you say your name was?" To which the 53% said, "George is my friend. We're gonna live off that fatta the lan!" Does anyone remember how this story ends?

Also, I'm no physicist, but 99% + 1% + 53% = 153%. Which means we have waaaay more Americans than we thought. Somebody needs to look into this. The 1% might be only .65359477%. The 53% would dwindle down to about 35%, which might have just been a typo, anyway. That would make the 99% only about 64% - not enough to pass a constitutional amendment. So we're back where we started.

Y'all sort this out. I'm going to do my part for the US economy by bringing home some of those strong Canadian dollars. I'll be starting in Alberta, home of Canada's current real-life gold rush, the Athabasca oil sands. I love Alberta! It's like Texas with universal health care.

Then, I'm going to the home of the last great gold rush, Yukon Territory. The gold rush was over quickly and only a few got rich. Sound familiar?

If the Yukon isn't mind-blowing enough, I'll be traveling with a couple of the sharpest knives in the drawer, Corin Raymond and Kim Beggs.

Did you ever walk the talk pseudo-feminist intellectual Quicksand man from academia sucked me right in

-Kim Beggs

I was four nights in jail and every morning I called my mother and she hung up the phone

-Corin Raymond

Watch my facebook page for stories from the tour. Depending on wifi access, I will post a video diary on youtube. If you subscribe to my channel, you'll get an update every time I load something, like traveling with us.

Oct 28 House Concert Medicine Hat, AB call (403) 527-0657

Oct 29 House Concert Calgary, AB

Oct 30, 9pm The Artery Edmonton, AB $10/adv $12/door advance tickets:

Oct 31, 8pm (Hallowe'en!) House Concert Calgary, AB Corin Raymond's one-man spoken-word hit "Bookworm" will open the night. Mwah ha ha ha haaaah. $20.

Nov 4 House Concert Haines Junction, YT call 867-634-3881

Nov 9 Dawson City Music Festival Concert Dawson City YT tix: $20 @ door Or $10 with DCMF membership.

Nov 14 a Yukon Arts Centre presentation at The Old Fire Hall Whitehorse, YT tix $22

That is all the info that I have. Please contact the presenters for show times or anything I left out, 'cause I'm going to be mighty hard to get a hold of. I'll be busy counting all those loonies and toonies! You'll hear me janglin' in Skagway! Mush! __________________________________

If you ask the people at Immigration, you'd think every time a songwriter crosses the border, the GDP takes a hit.

My friend Corin Raymond had to cancel his participation in an upcoming Texas tour because US Immigration needed $1400 to process his visa for ten days of gigs. Clearly, no one at Immigration has tried to make money as a touring songwriter. Are we protecting ourselves from culture? I'm not a real political guy; I wouldn't spearhead an effort to change legislation. I gotta write these songs. I don't even have time to be cynical about it.

I'm just saying, if you're too secure, you die lonely.


Take a chance. Get your hopes up. Buy local.

Wealth is concentrated because we keep giving it to them. Buy local. Bank with a credit union. Pay more. Life or death is the choice. Death is cheap and widely available. Life is handmade. Buy local and pay more.

Your fan,