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I took a North Carolina flag to Nashville last week. Come Hear NC, The NC Dept of Natural and Cultural Resources, and many North Carolina acts were there at AmericanaFest.

The North Carolina music scene in the 90s- Whiskeytown, 6 String Drag, Two Dollar Pistols- was foundational to what is called Americana today. Last week, North Carolina was represented by an enormous range of artists- Rhiannon Giddens (the keynote speaker!), Chris Stamey, American Aquarium, Sarah Shook, Mitch Easter, Don Dixon, Chatham County Line, Malcolm Holcombe, Jim Lauderdale, Rising Appalachia, Emily Scott Robinson, Sarah Siskind, and Travers Brothership. Did I miss anybody?

So I took the flag. When I saw Steve Poltz in a hotel hallway on Wednesday, as if he was some kind of Music City oracle, he shouted, “You’re the king of North Carolina!” I thought, That’s why I brought the flag.

It was fun and invigorating to see and hear all my homies from North Cack on stage in Nashville showing ‘em how we do it back home. It was an incredible honor to follow Sarah Shook and American Aquarium at Mercy Lounge on Friday night. A manager for another high profile North Carolina act told us it was the best show he saw all week. I said, “Cool. Put us on the road with your artist.” :) Mama didn’t raise no fool. We’ll let you know how it works out.

I’m hanging the flag back up in its home at The Kraken on White Cross, North Carolina tomorrow night. We went to Nashville and did the Old North State proud. Now we’re home to make more music history.


Sep 18 Wed (tomorrow night- SHARE THE LIVESTREAM!)
The Kraken
Chapel Hill, NC

Sep 19 Thu
Muddy Creek Cafe
Winston-salem, NC

Sep 21 Sat
Music and Mingle
Laurinburg, NC

The Kraken
Chapel Hill, NC

Sep 27 Fri
Philadelphia Folk Song Society
Philadelphia, PA

Sep 28 Sat
Aiken and Friends Fest
Branchburg Park, NJ

The Kraken
Chapel Hill, NC

Oct 3 Thu
Burlington, NC

The Kraken
Chapel Hill, NC

Oct 11 Fri
The Crimson Moon
Dahlonega, GA

Oct 12 Sat
North Georgia Folk Festival
Athens, GA

The Kraken
Chapel Hill, NC

Oct 17 Thu
Brown Commons Coffeehouse Music Series Interfaith Social House
Hamilton, NY

Oct 18 Fri
Goldenlink Folksinging Society
Rochester Christian Reformed Church
Penfield, NY

Oct 19 Sat
Oswego Music Hall
Oswego, NY

Sarah Shook & The Disarmers’ arms, Mercy Lounge, Nashville TN

Sarah Shook & The Disarmers’ arms, Mercy Lounge, Nashville TN