And I just can’t hide. I’m about to play a bunch of great shows and I think I like it.

Tonight, you GOTTA tune in to The Shake Sugaree Americana Residency, live from The Kraken in White Cross NC, 7-10pm Eastern. Tonight, for the first time, we have two special guests, and I dare you to watch either one of these videos for 30 seconds and then turn them off. You can’t do it.

Anne McCue:

… and, once you get your jaw off the floor, maybe you should put a pillow down there so you don’t bruise your poor jaw, because Suzie Vinnick:

Then we’re airborne! Four great shows this week in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota. Please spread the word!:

Jul 11 Thurs
The Park Center
Hayward, WI

July 12 Fri
Rhythm of the River Music Festival
Jackson, MN

July 13 Sat
Levitt Shell
Sioux Falls, SD

July 14 Sun
private show
Sioux Falls, SD
(shhh email if you need a seat…)

Your fan,

Jonathan Byrd

Dreaming about Tourtopia

Dreaming about Tourtopia