First and foremost, I would like to apologize to my friend Rebecca Newton, my personal assistant Bobbie Hayes, the Blue Note Grill, and all the people who expected me to show up Sunday for Rebecca’s album release party. It feels terrible when your friends let you down, and it feels terrible to let your friends down. I’m sorry.

Rebecca Newton’s new album, ‘Blue Shirt,’ is a gorgeous record produced by Jerry Brown who recorded, mixed, mastered and produced much of my own recorded work. Rebecca covered my song ‘Starlight’ and changed the way I hear it. She has been singing and playing music locally for about as long as I’ve been alive, and to be covered by her is an honor.


Since January 10, 2018 Jonathan Byrd & The Pickup Cowboys have been entertaining at a little roadhouse called The Kraken for three hours every Wednesday night, along with an incredible roster of special guests from all over the US and Canada. The audience that supports us makes the show special every week. They dance in whatever space they can find, request poems, sing every word of their favorite songs, and literally throw money at us. We’ve had music fans drop in from the UK, The Netherlands, Australia, and across the US.

Our nights at The Kraken are impossibly magical. We’ve had a preacher on stage and a fist-fight in the next room. When we outgrew the parking lot and people got stuck in the mud after parking down the side of Dodsons Crossroads, a fan donated the official Jonathan Byrd & The Pickup Cowboys tow-strap. One of our regular couples made their own t-shirts for the event. Sometimes one of us will go out and dance with the audience. Sometimes they come on stage and dance with us. Sometimes we play a quiet song and the silence in the room makes you hold your breath.

We’ve working on a high-quality webcast of this weekly residency. Last week, we improved the audio drastically. We got a camera back on the handsome Austin McCall. Some of you have already tuned in to our Facebook Live feed, and your feedback is important to us. We will continue on Facebook Live, and this week we’re adding YouTube and Periscope.

Tune in here tonight:

In the Periscope app: @jonathanbyrdmusic

Our special guest will be Wyatt Easterling!

Tomorrow night, we return to the fabulous Muddy Creek Music Hall! And this Saturday night we’ll make a special appearance at the One Hit Wonders show at The Kraken.

The dates:

Jun 13 Thurs
Muddy Creek Music Hall
Winston-Salem, NC

June 28 Fri
Winston-Salem, NC

June 29 Sat
Songs From the Wood
Deep Gap, NC

Jul 11 Thurs
The Park Center
Hayward, WI

July 12 Fri
Rhythm of the River Music Festival
Jackson, MN

July 13 Sat
Levitt Shell
Sioux Falls, SD

July 14 Sun
private show
Sioux Falls, SD

July 27 Sat
Blue Note Bar and Grill
Durham, NC
w/ Jon Dee Graham!

Aug 3 Saturday
Saturdays in Saxapahaw
Saxapahaw, NC

Aug 10 Sat
Oak Grove Folk Music Festival
Staunton VA


Your fan,


photo by Bob Denton

photo by Bob Denton