People ask me all the time if I get paid from streaming. I was paid $258 from Apple Music, Amazon, Napster, and others this past month. That doesn’t include satellite radio, which pays really well, or terrestrial radio and other sources. $258 is just streaming, and it’s pretty damn good for an independent artist.

I want you to know I love when you listen to my music, however you listen to my music. Spotify pays the least- it’s a great product, but if you’re concerned about artists making money, listen elsewhere. I personally enjoy Tidal when I’m home because you can stream CD-quality audio. The difference is subtle but undeniable, like having exactly the right amount of salt in your grits.

If you’re looking for hard-to-find Jonathan Byrd tunes, check out . There are live recordings, out-of-print albums, and demos- all available to stream or to download in CD-quality.


Our show is better than ever. We’ve been playing three hours a week for a year and three months. It makes a band tight. I’ve learned old songs I haven’t played in years. If you’re coming to a show and you’d like to hear something, send us a request at least a week beforehand. We’ll do our best to learn it and play it for you. You’re the reason we’re on the road and in the roadhouse. Your fan,


Every Wednesday night!
The Kraken
Chapel Hill, NC

Mar 14 Thu
Muddy Creek Cafe And Music Hall
Bethania, NC, United States

Mar 15 Fri
The Cary Theater
Cary, NC

Mar 28 Thu
Red Dragon Listening Room
Baton Rouge, LA

Mar 29 Fri
Fort Worth Live
Fort Worth, TX

Mar 30 Sat
Fayetteville Public Library
Fayetteville, AR

Apr 1 Mon
The Basement
Nashville TN

Apr 2 Tues
The 5 Spot
Nashville TN

Apr 3 Wed
The Crimson Moon
Dahlonega GA

Apr 4 Thu
Museum of Commerce
Pensacola, FL

Apr 5 Fri
McGonigels’ Mucky Duck
Houston, TX

Apr 6 Sat
Sycamore Creek Concerts
Dripping Springs, TX

Apr 11 Thurs
Muddy Creek Music Hall
Winston-Salem, NC

Apr 25 Thurs
The Aquarium
Fargo, ND

Apr 26 Fri
West End Cultural Centre
Winnipeg, MB

Apr 27 Sat
The Warming House
Minneapolis, MN

May 9 Thurs
Muddy Creek Music Hall
Winston-Salem, NC

May 11 Sat
Tobias Music
Downers Grove, IL

May 16 Thu
Caffe Lena
Saratoga Springs, NY

May 17 Fri
King of Clubs
Syracuse NY

May 19 Sun
Askew Prov
Providence, RI

May 21 Tues
Rockwood Music Hall
New York, NY

May 23 Thurs
Cafe Nine
New Haven, CT

May 24 Fri
Morristown Unitarian Fellowship
Morristown, NJ

May 26 Sun
Island Pride
Gaithersburg, MD

Jun 13 Thurs
Muddy Creek Music Hall
Winston-Salem, NC

June 29 Sat
Songs From the Wood
Deep Gap, NC

Jul 11 Thurs
The Park Center
Hayward, WI

July 12 Fri
Rhythm of the River Music Festival
Jackson, MN

Aug 10 Sat
Oak Grove Folk Music Festival
Staunton VA

Aug 16-18 Fri-Sun
Bear Creek Folk Festival
Grand Paririe, AB