Leonardo DaVinci filled an ox heart with hot wax and then used the wax to cast a glass version of the heart. He filled the heart with liquid and figured out how the valves close and open. He may have been the first person to discover coronary artery disease. He even connected the wrist pulse with the contraction of the left ventricle.

You may have heard about that. And the bicycle Leonardo designed. And the helicopter.

DaVinci died in 1519. Why did Leonardo’s ideas and research not spread all over the world? Why didn’t Shakespeare have a bicycle? Why did no one else understand atherosclerosis until 1950?

Leonardo had no formal education. He didn’t learn Latin, Greek, or Arabic. He had no way to communicate his ideas to other scholars. His notes were not published and were lost for centuries. DaVinci needed a community. One of the most gifted scientists the world has ever known wrote ground-breaking papers in a vacuum.

When I say, “Thanks for listening,” I mean it. When you take our music home and enjoy it, share it with friends, and ask me questions about it, it gives our work meaning. I’m not sure if we’ll drastically change the world, but we can give you words for your broken heart and a beat you can dance to.

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Songs From the Wood
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Blue Note Bar and Grill
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Oak Grove Folk Music Festival
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photo by Bob Denton

photo by Bob Denton

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