These bright girls attend the Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf. It’s a boarding school and they live together in a dorm all week away from home while they attend school. They eat meals together and hang out in the evening in their common space. 

Many of them come from poor families. One of the mothers who lives in Chapel Hill recently noticed that their common space is quite bare. There’s lots of room for games, books, art supplies, and musical instruments (yes even though they are hard of hearing they love music). 

So I’d like to collect some items for these young ladies. Elementary through middle school children all live together. Board games, puzzles, picture books through easy-reading chapter books, craft supplies, children’s videos, toys— anything in good shape will bring these children joy and make their living environment more fun and fulfilling. We’ll get some over to the boys dorm too. 

Bring your donations to The Kraken tomorrow night. If you live far away from us and you’d like to ship some items to the school, please include a letter explaining the purpose of your donations and send them to: Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf, 1311 US-301, Wilson NC 27893

Thanks y’all! Your fan,