Have you ever wondered what I’m plugged into? What am I doing with my feet during a show? How do I get such a great sound out of my guitar?

For the uninitiated, guitar “pedals” or “stompboxes” are little self-contained circuit boards with footswitches, usually arranged onto a “pedalboard” at a guitarists feet. They do various things with the sound of an instrument, and are a necessary part of a touring musician’s gear. I tend to use them in subtle ways that most people don’t notice- but musicians always notice. You may be surprised at how much is going on at my feet during a show, and I’ve made a video explaining it.

Of course, the best thing is to experience the magic of a live show, during which we usually forget about technology. A show is a human experience, a chance to sing along with all the people you argue with on Facebook. Live music is one of the things we need more than ever. Come see us:

Every Wednesday night!
The Kraken
Chapel Hill, NC

Feb 1 Fri
Society Garden
Macon, GA

Feb 2 Sat
TOL Coffeehouse
Columbia, SC

Feb 3
Durham, NC
special guests for a 25-minute set! With Charles Latham

Feb 10 Sun
The Alleghany Arts Council for The Beat Goes On
Sparta, NC

Feb 14 Thu
Muddy Creek Cafe And Music Hall
Bethania, NC

Feb 22-23 Fri & Sat
Wintergrass Music Festival
Bellevue, WA

Mar 14 Thu
Muddy Creek Cafe And Music Hall
Bethania, NC, United States

Mar 15 Fri
The Cary Theater
Cary, NC

Mar 28 Thu
Red Dragon Listening Room
Baton Rouge, LA

Mar 30 Sat
Fayetteville Public Library
Fayetteville, AR

Apr 4 Thu
Museum of Commerce
Pensacola, FL

Apr 5 Fri
McGonigels’ Mucky Duck
Houston, TX

Apr 6 Sat
Sycamore Creek Concerts
Dripping Springs, TX

Apr 25 Thurs
The Aquarium
Fargo, ND

Apr 26 Fri
West End Cultural Centre
Winnipeg, MB

Apr 27 Sat
The Warming House
Minneapolis, MN

May 11 Sat
Tobias Music
Downers Grove, IL

May 16 Thu
Caffe Lena
Saratoga Springs, NY

May 19 Sun
Askew Prov
Providence, RI

May 21 Tues
Rockwood Music Hall
New York, NY

May 23 Thurs
Cafe Nine
New Haven, CT

May 24 Fri
Morristown Unitarian Fellowship
Morristown, NJ

May 26 Sun
Island Pride
Gaithersburg, MD

June 29 Sat
Songs From the Wood
Deep Gap, NC

July 12 Fri
Rhythm of the River Music Festival
Jackson, MN

July 13 Sat
Levitt Shell
Sioux Falls, SD

Your fan,


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