I am writing this on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which also happens to be my son’s ninth birthday, which also happens to be the day after a lunar eclipse. It was cold last night for North Carolina, 16 Fahrenheit or about -9 Celcius.

That made for a clear sky to see the lunar eclipse, and my son stays with me on Sunday nights. We laid out warm clothes and a small telescope. I promised him I’d wake him up to see the eclipse.

We didn’t end up using the telescope much. Just seeing it with your naked eye is fairly breathtaking. As the eclipse approached totality, it seemed as if there was a spotlight on one side of the Moon, as if it was hung in an art museum for quiet contemplation.

It’s hard to tell from our human perspective just how far away the Moon is. We can put a thing into orbit, ready to meet the International Space Station, in a little less than ten minutes. It took four days to get to the Moon. The entire planet Saturn and its rings would fit between Earth and the Moon. It was so hard to get there that humans haven’t been back in more than 46 years, despite the fact that the tiny device you are probably reading this on has replaced maps, cameras, multicomponent audio systems, compasses, books, cash registers, calculators, travel agents, guitar tuners, alarm clocks, and— if we’re not careful— actual experiences.

We still don’t have an app for justice and equality. We haven’t replaced the magic of a real celestial event. The innocence and vulnerability of our own children is a reminder that it’s not enough to imagine these things.

Because the crew of the Apollo mission risked death, my son is able to come home and explore the surface of the Moon and even Mars on a computer screen. Because Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and others risked death, my son can learn and play with friends of all cultures and colors. I imagine what it must have felt like for the Apollo crew as they lifted off from the Moon. We’ve come so far. We have so far to go.


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photo by Aaron Honeycutt

photo by Aaron Honeycutt