I'm excited to share a song with you today. It's been a while. Today, it's in the context of a novel I read called 'Over the Plain Houses.'

My band is playing this week, and every Wednesday at 7pm, at The Kraken, a little roadhouse outside of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. My special guest this week will be writer, vocalist, and producer Martha Bassett.

Thursday, April 5th, we're excited to play my birthplace, Fayetteville North Carolina, at The Cameo Arthouse Theater. It's at 225 Hay St, Fayetteville, NC. Buy tickets here. Get more info at www.cameoarthouse.com or call (910)486-6633.

April 21 SAT / Isis Music Hall / Asheville NC / buy tickets

April 22 SUN / Bear on the Square / Dahlonega GA / mainstage schedule

Yesterday, I released The Byrd Word podcast with Julia Franks, author of Over the Plain Houses, a novel that NPR calls "A spellbinding story of witchcraft and disobedience." Over the Plain Houses is an NPR Book of the Year, Winner of the 2016 Southern Book Prize, winner of the Thomas Wolfe Memorial Literary Award 2017, and more. Julia Franks lives in Atlanta, where she runs loosecanon.com, a web service that fosters free-choice reading in the classroom. Learn more about Julia at http://www.juliafranks.com/ and more about Loose Canon at https://loosecanon.com/

I end the podcast with an unreleased song, 'Dying to Go to Heaven.' I wrote it for a project by Shari Smith called Trio, which included the novel Over the Plain Houses, this song, and a work of visual art. You can find out more about Shari Smith and her Trio project at shari-smith.com/

You can listen on almost any podcast app, just look for The Byrd Word, or head over to http://www.jonathanbyrd.com/the-byrd-word/2018/4/2/over-the-plain-houses . Subscribe to the podcast and leave us a review.

Most of all, I hope you can come to a live show soon. It's our favorite part of what we do. We have Texas and UK tours coming up soon. You can always check the full list of tour dates at http://www.jonathanbyrd.com/schedule/

Thanks for reading, and for listening. Your fan,