Saturday night was probably the biggest show of my life. Thanks to everyone who made it possible. The artists: 

Jess Klein - Follow her. She’s about to put out another great album.

A Different Thread - they’ve come into their own greatness this year. Listen and download “On A Whim,” their new album here:

Stan Lewis - This guy has given us so much. Great pictures, great music, and a ride to the airport. He doesn’t have a lot online, probably because he doesn’t need it. 

Violet Bell - I’ve been very excited to see two friends find their musical home together. This duo is much bigger than a duo.

Our helpers:  

Thanks to Sarah Howe, Randy Best, and Danika Moody for stage help. I felt like a king, with things happening as they should all around me. 

Thanks to Barbara Ford for building a beautiful altar for the show, including Paul’s ashes and a pre-show espressso to wake the dead! Paul showed up for sure. 

Thanks to Aaron Honeycutt for donating his best bison skull, and to his daughter Crystal for delivering it.  

Thanks to my personal assistant, Bobbie Hayes, for selling $1500 worth of Pickup Cowboy and representing us at the table. Bobbie saves my career daily and believes in us with her whole heart. 

Thanks to Heather, Tom, Chris, Matt, Roscoe, Erin, and all the Haw River Ballroom crew for treating us and our fans like royalty. I didn’t meet everyone- my apologies if I missed you. 

The biggest thank you is to our fans and community for being there for us, some of you weekly. We are blessed by you. We’re going to work hard for you and deliver what you want- a great show, great music, and a chance to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.  

No, really. YOUR fan, 




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