This is a mural on an apartment building in Austin Texas. It's on the north side of Martin Luther King, east of I-35.


I love this city. I love this mural. My favorite thing about it however, is the path beaten into the grass beneath it.


Every day, people step up on this little hill and take selfies and group photos. All colors and genders. College students. Families with children. There's no place to park in front of it. There's no sidewalk or stairs. It's a busy road. People do it anyway. Every day.


That little path is there for every time someone looked at me sideways and said, "don't you need something to fall back on?" That little path says we need people who are weird enough to spend their entire day thinking about the difference one letter makes. We need people who spend years looking for exactly the right amount of blue in the green. We need art so badly we will do inconvenient and even dangerous things to get to it.


The hospital has a sidewalk and a parking lot. The bank has a drive-through window. Food? They'll deliver it.


Art doesn't need a path. People will make one. Heartbroken people. People who wonder. People who just need a good laugh or some sign that other people are weird, too.


In fact, if your life doesn't have any art in it, I wonder- don't you need something to fall back on?




May 23 Tue

Shipping & Receiving Bar

Fort Worth, TX


May 27 Sat

Kerrville Folk Festival

Kerrville TX


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