I only have one thing to say in this Monday Report. I've known about this for a couple of years and I want to see it happen SO BAD. You can be a part of something awesome. But first:


I'm looking forward to playing some of our favorite venues this weekend.



The Foundry

Athens GA

Neal Fountain on bass

benefit for Jacob Ohl who recently lost his lower legs in a train accident



White Horse Black Mountain

Black Mountain NC

Also live on WNCW at 1pm. Tune in! wncw.org



Muddy Creek Music Hall

Bethania, NC

"It's like church with beer." - Country Dan Collins


Later in the month we'll get to experience spring all over again:



Pearl Company

Hamilton ON



Greenbank Centennial Hall

Greenbank ON



The Black Sheep Inn

Wakefield QC



Gladstone Hotel Ballroom

Toronto ON


All right. Now check this out.


My friend Luke Dick, he's a songwriter in Nashville. He used to drive a forklift. He used to teach philosophy. Now he writes hits. I wrote a song with him that Chris Kokesh and recorded on The Barn Birds, a song called "Sundays Loving You."


Luke spent part of his childhood in and around an Oklahoma strip club called the Red Dog. He's making a documentary about it and it's one of the most deserving artistic projects I've seen.


Humanity. Debauchery. Redemption. Forgiveness. Victory. It's all there. Please watch this: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lukedick/red-dog


Want to see more? Here's an even bigger bite: https://youtu.be/hSKPCKnmSb8


Want to see more? So do I! Let's make this thing happen. I chipped in $300 because I want to go to the premiere.






We discovered yet another great taco truck in northeast Raleigh on Capitol Blvd, "El Tejano." It doesn't look like much sitting there at a gas station. I only pulled in because I was broke and desperately hungry after an afternoon of shopping for a hot tub. (Hey, I won't always be broke.)


Anyway I figure what's two bucks? I'll get a taco and make it home without yelling at my kid. There were no pickled veggies on the counter. No limes. Just a metal napkin dispenser and a tub of canned jalapeños. Not promising.


"Do you have sodas?" I love a tamarind soda with my tacos.


The man pointed at the gas station. "For drink!" he shouted. The gas station had what gas stations have. Nothing special.


But oh. Then the taco came. The meat. The freshness. The surprising spiciness. I had to give my wife a bite. We ended up getting six more. The chicken at a taco truck is usually an afterthought- you know, they have to have chicken so they get some at Sams Club. Not this chicken. Tender. Smoky. "Best taco truck chicken ever," said my wife.


She even got his card. "El Tejano." Capitol Blvd. Raleigh. Get you some.




The Official Instagram Monday Report photo is from my weekend helping friends build a straw bale addition onto their home. It's a beautiful messy project. I brought them some daffodils from my garden in a plastic water bottle that I found in my truck. He took it and set it in the window of their future bathroom. "Our first art," he said, and we got to work. 


Now go give Luke some money. See y'all at a show. 


Your fan,