I heard they found the tail of a dinosaur

preserved in amber for ninety-nine million years,

sold as jewelry in a market in Myanmar.


Mosques were occupied by soldiers,

used as sites for rape or burned down.

Children were slaughtered with knives.


There were feathers like the chest feathers of a robin,

chestnut brown above and paler white beneath,

signaling from the Cretaceous like a frightened doe.


Sanctions have eased. The economy is developing well.

The country is rich in jade and gems, oil, and natural gas.

It is the largest producer of methamphetamine in the world.


The skin and muscle were reduced to a thin film of carbon

like a pencil mark on a climate map curving upward.

Time is not kind to the soft tissues.


Drift down the Irrawaddy River in an old river steamer.

Enjoy the beach on the Bay of Bengal.

It's the dawn of a more democratic era.


We can see just how degraded the material is.

There is no way to bring it back to life.

A fossil is just an impurity to a jeweler.


Christians and Muslims cannot join the Army.

That privilege is reserved for Buddhists.

It is remarkable how things change over time.