A poem for Valentines Day. Love is crazy. 




When I first saw her

It was as if I had never seen the moon

so bright the night was day

I worshipped her

I charted her phases 

we made children in the night


But something happened

She lost her light

She became half as bright

And half again

Until I could not see her

Even in broad daylight


I looked around at all I had to offer her

And this is the shame of all men

I said isn't this good enough

Shine for me

You should shine for me


She began to shine again

I felt so powerful

I could control her

It was a simple matter of my gravity

But this shining was different

More beautiful than before

Until I was terrified she would leave me


She danced and the ground shook

She cried and bloomed oceans at her feet

She laughed and birds flew out of her mouth

Forests rose from the dust and even Death

That old nighthawk

Could not mock her


It was then I realized my mistake

She was not the moon

I was the moon

She was the Earth