Which Hunt


Ha! The witches are hunting all right,

says Mama Bear pushing back her Mama chair

And Papa Bear already stuck his thumb in the socket

saying, It’s a thin line...

She says, The thin line is our bedroom door

You better know which side you belong on

Women have always been accused of strange and evil powers

Now the witches are using what little powers they actually have

to adjust the World’s Oldest Inequity


Baby Bear, happy and confused,

awaits his imagined immolation

so he can go back to his mama’s arms

and sit at the table again


Mama Bear swears a Mama Swear

If you never understood the powers of women

it’s because you never really tried

It wasn’t necessary

You enjoyed us and wondered at us

like we were some far-off star


Speaking of stars, says Goldilocks

the speed of light was first accurately calculated

when Europe was still burning witches


Yeah they never really tried honey bun

They never really tried so hard that when men walked on the Moon-

the way they always do-

They still thought the sexual revolution was about sex


The Big Bad Wolf howls, That’s the way it’s always been

Roar, Mama Bear says. Sit down, Grandma.

It’s time for princes to unbecome toads

The sexual revolution hasn’t even happened yet

Ooh, it’s scary to be a man-bear right now

but we have finally found the source

of the strange and evil powers

the call is coming from inside the house


Papa Bear shuffles in self-defense

Babe, the porridge was just right

But she doesn’t care

No one is sleeping in my bed without my consent!

Witch hunt! She huffs

Which hunt is which?




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We’re honored to have our good friends Corin Raymond  and Kyshona Armstrong with us on this tour. It’s going to be a hot show. 


Nov 29 Wed

The Tin Pan

Richmond VA


Nov 30 Thurs

Muddy Creek Music Hall

Winston-Salem NC


Dec 1 Fri

Bedford Public Library

Bedford VA

***early book reading 3:30pm*** 


Dec 2 Sat

White Horse Black Mountain

Black Mountain NC


Dec 3 Sun

The Purple Onion

Saluda NC


Dec 4 Mon

***book reading only, 11am*** 

The Bookshelf  

Tryon NC


Dec 5 Tues

The Creek Stage at The Rookery

Macon GA


Dec 6 Wed

house concert

Tallahassee FL


Dec 7 Thurs


Pensacola FL


Dec 8 Fri

Hendershot’s Coffee Bar

Athens GA


Dec 9 Sat

Cary Theater

Cary NC


Dec 10 Sun

Roosters Wife @ Poplar Knight Spot

Aberdeen NC


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