I did a "literature and lyrics"  workshop at the Acoustic Getaway in Port Murray NJ. This is the worksheet from the class, where we took interesting lines from Maxim Gorky's "Childhood." Posting for the class. 


On the floor by the window

ludicrously mixed up

to get through the narrow door except sideways

He shuddered, stretched out his hand, covered in sores and scars

clever sharp-sighted green eyes

I was forever trying to hide from those all devouring-eyes - that long drawnout "oooh" never failed to make me feel depressed and cold all over

I'll forgive him when I've finished

when there was a holiday they staggered out of the tavern and tottered along the street, swearing as they fell. 

 When you see me flairing endlessly remember the time

I sat and watched my soul climb the old oak tree... in the moonlight

Everything had happened so quickly that when I looked up at my branch, it was still shaking, throwing down yellow leaves. 

Grandfather roughly cost hold of me and hauled me off to my attic without any further ceremony. 

Her God was with her all day. It was plain that it was easy for every thing to submit to this God: people, dogs, birds, bees, even herbs.

The letter e looked, reminded me of my grandmother, I had a reason for wanting to go into the garden, appeared the little mound of earth

beneath windows with bags they go... 


someone pointed out that we began and end with windows. I might take that as a clue that this is a story as seen from a window, either looking out or looking in. Thanks for a great workshop! 


Your fan, JByrd